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This section includes answers to many general questions about open science. The pages described below are intended for a variety of audiences, including both scientists and non-scientists, and may be useful for communicating the importance of open science approaches to colleagues, collaborators, or the general public.

If you are working on CZI-funded research, please see our CZI grantees page for more information on services available to you.

What is open science?

Open science can be practiced in many different ways. View our What is open science? topic page for more information on a range of open science methods.

Why open science?

If you are just beginning to explore open science practices, it can feel like a lot of work! The Why open science? topic page will help you understand why this work is worth it: for yourself, the scientific community, and the world at large.

Credit for open science

Many of the open science approaches described on this site relate to practicing open science for specific projects. The Credit for open science topic page helps you receive and document credit for engaging in open science activities.

Choosing open science approaches

Selecting open science methods appropriate for your particular needs can be challenging. View the Choosing open science approaches topic page for more information on how to plan for open science as a researcher, and how to identify and develop policies related to open science.

Organizations and projects supporting open science

You are not alone in wondering how to learn about and apply open science skills! Visit the Organizations supporting open science topic page for more information on which organizations support training, advocacy, research, and more aspects of open science.